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Destination Film offers fast-turnaround, affordable video production for the travel industry.

The company was established by BBC-trained cameraman Andrew McClenaghan, drawing on 20 years’ experience filming for major broadcasters. Our videos are authentic, cinematic and effective, proven to increase our clients’ sales.

Whether you're promoting a river cruise or a city tour, a boutique hotel or a golf resort, we have the experience to help.

Costa Rica group tour
The Belfry
Driftwood Hotel

Why choose Destination Film?

We’ve filmed over 75 countries to date. We’re specialists, with unrivalled experience guaranteeing a smooth ride for our clients.

We’re light-footed. We won’t send a team of three when we can achieve the same result - or better -  with one, ensuring maximum flexibility with minimum footprint.

And our cameramen are the best, capturing breathtaking imagery to engage and

inspire your clients.


A few words from a satisfied customer:

"Genius, Andrew. Brought a tear to my eye and reminded me my wanderlust will never be under control." Michael Wright, Founder, Riviera Travel

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